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Lorean Living Room Set


Package: Coffee table
In stock (32 units), ready to be shipped
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  • Warranty

  • Easy Returns

  • Easy Assembly

  • Durable

  • Anti Scratch Fabric

  • Solid Wood Frame


Coffee Table
28"W x 51"L x 16"H Inch

TV Stand
16"W x 70"L x 16"H Inch
Extended Length 97" Inch
Can fit a TV screen up to 43" Inch
Extended Length 118" Inch


Smooth, shiny, tidy style.

Yes, tidiness is a style. But even if this Lorean set wasn’t full of useful storage, we still think you’d love the elegant round lines, lacquer panels, smooth wood veneer, and stunningly shiny tempered glass finish. The TV stand is even extendable up to 118”, made to perfectly fit your wall. Minimalist style, maximum functionality, and super easy to assemble. Isn’t it great when everything just fits?

Rounded elegant and minimal lines, lacquer panels, and shiny tempered glass finish, with a natural plywood feel.

Extendable TV stand (up to 118”) to perfectly fit your wall. Smart storage spaces. Everything just fits.

Designed to last
Sturdy construction and a scratch-resistant finish.

 Materials Plywood AAA
Lacquer Panels
Tempered Glass
Wood Veneer
Carton Size Coffee Table
50"W x 30"L x 16"H Inch

TV Stand
74"W x 17"L x 16"H Inch
Weight  Coffee Table 
128 lbs

TV Stand 
103 lbs

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