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    Apollo Sofa

    Mario Capasa

    It's all about yōu

    • Valyou Exclusive

    • Warranty

    • Easy Returns

    • Stain Proof

    • Removable Covers

    • Solid Wood Frame

    • Engineered For Comfort


    3 Seat39"D x 87"L x 32"H Inch
    4 Seat339"D x 105"L x 32"H Inch
    Seat Depth21" Inch
    Seat Height18" Inch
    Leg Height7" Inch
    Weight Capacity1200 lbs
    3 Seat39"D x 87"L x 32"H Inch
    4 Seat339"D x 105"L x 32"H Inch
    Seat Depth21" Inch
    Seat Height18" Inch
    Leg Height7" Inch
    Weight Capacity1200 lbs


    Italian design, life-friendly construction. 
    Mario Capasa didn’t just design this sofa to look stunning, they designed it to be lived on. Think stain-proof, water-resistant, removable, and washable covers, plus anti-scratch pet-friendly fabric. It’s sturdy too, with a solid wood frame made to hold 10 adults, and an extra-wide armrest made for trays or even an extra seat. You’ll quickly discover that this tough build doesn’t sacrifice softness. Goose feathers make it an unbelievably comfy seat. Try it for yourself, in a comfortable three or four-person fit – plus the dog, and the three cats!


    Handmade, an elegant-but-still-welcoming look, by acclaimed Italian designer – Mario Capasa. A contemporary 2021 design.

    118% softer than a regular sofa (tested against 13 sofas that claimed to be soft in December 2019). Sink into the HD memory foam and goose feathers construction.

    Designed for living
    Stain-proof, water-resistant, and anti-scratch pet-friendly fabric – proven to be 8 times more durable than commercial grade fabric. Covers removable, washable and replaceable – whenever you please.

    Currently Featured in our Honolulu and Kapolei Showrooms

    Frame Eucalyptus Wood
    Legs Rubber Wood
    Filling Medium Density Foam
    Fabric 100% Polyester
    Step 1

    Vacuum the upholstery: Moving it from left to right in short, overlapping lines. Change over to the crevice nozzle, and vacuum in between the seams and under the cushions.

    Step 2

    Treat stains: Attack stains with the appropriate water- or solvent-based cleaner. Let the cleaner sink in, and then blot it with a microfiber cloth. Don't scrub the stain, as the action could push the stain farther into the upholstery or damage the fabric.

    Step 3

    Machine wash: Remove the Fabric from the Sectional framing and cushions. Wash it on a gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent.

    Make sure the cover is zipped closed before you put it in the washing machine or you may end up with a tangled up mess. Covers can be line-dried but many people prefer to put the cover back on the cushion while it is still damp.

    Carton Size3 Seat (2 cartons)
    44"D x 39"L x 23"H Inch

    4 Seat (2 cartons)
    53"D x 39"L x 23"H Inch
    Weight 3 Seat 59 lbs (each carton)

    4 Seat 73 lbs (each carton)
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