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Loft Sofa + Ottoman


Size: 102
Color: Dark grey
$1,899.90 $5,150
In stock

It's all about yōu

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  • Anti Scratch Fabric

  • Durable

  • Easy Assembly

  • Engineered For Comfort


A statement, of pure comfort

Mario Capasa designed this lounge to look like one big, inviting cushion – and that’s exactly how it feels. Not only is this an eye-catching statement piece for any lounge, but a joy to live with. It’s way softer than a standard sofa, with stain-proof, water-resistant anti-scratch technical leather that’s 14 times more durable than the real thing. Any pets will enjoy comfort too! From a lofty design idea, right to your lounge in a three or four-person size, the Italian design team got this one right.


Handmade, and an eye-catching-but-still-welcoming look, by acclaimed Italian designer – Mario Capasa. A contemporary 2021 design.

118% softer than a regular sofa (tested against 13 sofas that claimed to be soft in December 2019). Sink into the HD memory foam and goose feather construction. Enjoy that real leather feel.

Designed to last
Stain-proof, water-resistant, and anti-scratch Netleather – 14 times more durable than real leather, and pet-proof!


Currently Featured in our Kaka'ako Showroom

FramePine Wood
Filling1x layer HD dense foam 
1x layer HD soft foam
Feather Filling
FabricNatLeather® by Mario Capasa


Carton Size

Loft 102 + ottoman -
3 cartons

Carton 1- 53" x 45" x 28" 
Carton 2- 53" x 45" x 28" 
Carton 3- 37" x 25" x 18" Inch

Loft 142 + ottoman-
4 cartons
Carton 1- 53" x 45" x 28" 
Carton 2- 53" x 45" x 28" 
Carton 3-45" x 41" x 28"
Carton 4- 37" x 25" x 18" Inch


Loft 102 + ottoman-
Total weight 205lbs
Carton 1- 88lbs
Carton 2- 88lbs
Carton 3- 29lbs

Loft 142 + ottoman 
Total weight 266lbs
Carton 1- 88lbs
Carton 2- 88lbs
Carton 3- 61lbs 
Carton 4- 29lbs

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