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Valxa Accent Chair


Color: Cream
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  • Warranty

  • Easy Returns

  • Durable

  • Easy Assembly

  • Engineered For Comfort

  • Anti Scratch Fabric


Width 30" Inch
Length 29" Inch
28" Inch
Weight Capacity 330 lbs


You’re different, but I like you.

Whether you find the Valxa abstract or outright adorable, we think you’d struggle not to love it in your entertainment space. Low profile with an abundance of foam, contrasted by a handmade stainless steel frame with a brushed bronze finish. This floof-ball is a designer’s dream. And yours too, especially once you take a seat!

Style: floof-ball
An over-the-top plush look, sheep-like upholstery, contrasted by an elegant handmade stainless steel frame in a brushed bronze.

As comfy as it looks
Thick high-density foam, and a soft-touch polyester and acrylic finish.

Designed to last
Valyou made – which means quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, with durability at the heart of the design.

Fabric 94% polyester + 6% acrylic
Metal frame, high-density foam
Solid stainless steel handmade brushed bronze finish
Carton Size
30x30x28" Inch
40 lbs

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