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Valkiki Coffee Table


Size: Small
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Marble, oak, and compliments.

“Ooooh, that looks classy!” You’ll love the classic contrast of oak frame and marble veneer on this coffee table, and no doubt the compliments it’s bound to receive. The large size is perfect for inviting over even more admirers, or just adorning it with more decorations. What are they admiring exactly? Maybe just the timeless simplicity of it all.

Two classic contrasts
Oak and marble veneer on the large, or oak and cement veneer for the smaller size. A classic or more modern contrast – both equally classy, with a smooth and simple three-leg oak frame.

Two sizes
The large is luxurious, made for entertaining or decorating to your style. The small, somehow still spacious to look at.

Designed to last
A solid oak frame, with smooth, durable and easy-to-clean veneer.

Materials Large Size
18mm marble paper MDF with oak legs 
Small Size 
18mm MDF with oak veneer and tray top, wood legs
Carton Size Large 39"W x 39"L x 5"H Inch
Small 29"W x 27"L x 5"H Inch
Weight  Large 31 lbs
Small 18 lbs

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