Adonis Bust Sculpture

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Color: White
Adonis Bust Accessory Foundry

Bring home a classic beauty

In Greek mythology, Adonis was renowned for his good looks and charm. Goddesses Persephone and Aphrodite feuded over the attractive young man. Zeus stepped in and forced him to split his time between them. Now you can bring a piece of this story into your home with The Adonis Bust. It’s a timeless accessory that’s understated yet refined and guaranteed to elevate your space. You won’t have to share him. This Adonis is all yours. Bring a bit of Greek mythology home.

In Real Life

Video taken by an iphone 12. No filters, No edits.

Adonis Bust Accessory Foundry

Nicely neutral

Looks good in any space.

Adonis Bust Accessory Foundry

Lightweight but still substantial

Clocking in at only three pounds this Adonis bust can sit just about anywhere.



8"L x 7"W x 11"H

Assembly Instructions


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