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Imbrie Cabinet


Only 1 unit left

Imbrie Cabinet


It's all about yōu

  • Warranty

  • Easy Returns

  • Handmade

  • Real Aged Leather

  • Valyou Exclusive

  • Limited Edition


Length17.9" Inch
Depth20.9" Inch
Height20.5" Inch


Length17.9" Inch
Depth20.9" Inch
Height20.5" Inch


Sturdy storage for your VIP stuff.

This leather cabinet can do it all. In the office, it’ll be the best-looking file box you’ve ever seen. At home, store your vinyl collection inside to keep your records safe from dust. Wherever you need a little extra storage this leather cabinet provides an attractive solution. Just flip the top and grab what you need. 

Functional trunk details.
Take this cabinet to a whole new level.


Easy to move.
Handles on the side mean you can transport it with ease.


Real leather.
Feels so soft.

Carton Size21" x 22"x 22"
Weight4 lbs

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