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Style: Black
Save $400.05
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Shroom Lamp

Mario Capasa

It's all about yōu

  • Warranty

  • Easy Returns

  • Easy Assembly

  • Durable

  • Handmade

  • Stainless steel frame


Length11" Inch

15" Inch
Weight Capacity7 lbs
Length11" Inch

15" Inch
Weight Capacity7 lbs

Artful and well-designed.

The original geometric minimalism is featured in this classic table lamp. Cone, cylinder, hemisphere are all merged together in a striking silhouette. The design has been adored by art lovers and interior design experts since the 1960’s. You can’t go wrong with the Shroom Lamp; it has vintage charm and modern appeal that looks amazing in any home.

Variable use.
Can be used for task or ambient lighting.

A piece of art.
This design is part of many permanent collections in prominent design museums across the world.

Set the perfect level of lighting with the on-cord dimmer switch.

Cartons size16"D x 21"L x 13"H Inch
Cartons Weight2 lbs

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