Diving in to Coastal Decor: Beyond the Beach House

Diving in to Coastal Decor: Beyond the Beach House


Imagine feeling like you're on vacation every time you return home from work, no matter what time of year it is or where you live. We all enjoy the seaside for its waves, sand, sun, salty breezes, shorebirds, and riches washed ashore. Then, there are the emotions of relation, ease, and fun. There is a deep sense of well being where the land meets the sea..

The general feeling is frequently one of everlasting summer. That is why it’s not surprising that coastal decor has grown in popularity. To put it simply, coastal design is influenced by the seaside. This offers a lot of opportunity for customization but the fundamentals include plenty of light, natural materials, airy rooms, and a relaxed vibe. Seaside decor can really be as unique and personal as you would like it to be.

Coastal style has swiftly expanded and subdivided into several substyles. After all, your beach trip in Hawaii was probably not the same as your friend's in Greece. Two common coastal styles are tropical island and Mediterranean coastal. Tropical island style, inspired by the islands of the vast Pacific, uses vivid tropical patterns and cultural decor to reflect the habits, colors, and beliefs of its original people. The Mediterranean coastal style is influenced by Greece and coastal towns in Spain and Italy. Sun-baked hues, terra cotta, black iron, and hefty timbers are used. Continue reading for essential information about this popular design, such as important features, color palettes, furniture, and accessories.

Coastal Colors

Coastal decor colors
Coastal decor colors

Choosing a color palette is the most difficult aspect of coastal house design. If you don't plan ahead of time, you may wind up with a house that looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet at a seafood-themed restaurant.

First and foremost, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "bad" color. If you've ever loved a color but felt it didn't work, chances are it was due to non-complementary hues. Meaning, the color wasn’t off, but it wasn’t styled correctly with the right supporting colors. So feel free to experiment with the colors you enjoy. The predominant coastal colors are sun bleached whites, light blue and green marine colors, and sandy beige tones.

Dune grass greens, beach pebble grays, driftwood grays and browns, and all the hues found in shells are also wonderful peaceful colors to include in your coastal decor motif. Consider the lovely yellow and orange sunlight at morning and sunset, the hues of coastal flowers, and all of the beach umbrellas that are filled with brilliant joyful colors as well.

Natural Fibers And Textures

 Salty Day Sofa 2
 Salty Day Sofa 2

Visual weight is extremely important in coastal design. After all, being at the beach is all about good feelings, so why not replicate similar experiences inside? This is where decor item selection comes in.

Utilize natural materials that are reminiscent of nature near the sea. Cotton and linens are light and airy, whereas woods, jute, sisal, and natural woven fabrics are all very maritime. Consider palm trees, pines, driftwood, and dune grasses. Some woven fabrics are created from real seagrass. Natural woven jute or Sisal Rug, for example, is an excellent choice for an all-white coastal palette in the living room or bedroom, giving essential earthiness and texture to the area. You can then top it off with our Salty Day Sofa for added comfort.

When it comes to patterns, stripes are a very noticeable component of this design when solid white isn't employed. Chevron patterns in bright hues may also look fantastic in seaside homes. A brightly colored accent cushion with a contemporary fabric works well for a more modern take on the coastal design theme.

Space Over Things

Bohemian coastal chair
Bohemian coastal chair

Coastal designs should feel as light and breezy as the beach, with no clutter or overcrowding of furniture. Keep your rooms tidy and clean to get this open and spacious sense in your house. Arrange your furnishings in a way that retains the overall vision, and be sparing with your ornamentation. Make your home feel as if a soft beach breeze is blowing through it.

There are usually numerous windows that let in a lot of light. Fabrics are crisp and clean, with a focus on natural fibers. Because seaside decor is relaxed, items such as mirrors and glass tabletops will be strategically positioned so that more light is reflected throughout. Maritime or beachy-like items will be on dispaly in coastal design style, but not in excess; just enough to generate aesthetic appeal like this Bohemian Scent chair. This chair is designed for worry-free living, with light construction and discreet back wheels for easy space rearrangement. There is nothing else to this chair; simply sit on the soft seat cushion and take it all in.

Relaxed And Simple Furniture

Relaxed coastal furniture
Relaxed coastal furniture

The beach is all about relaxed simplicity. Whether your home decor style is sophisticated, eclectic cottage style, or somewhere in between, you want the room to feel comfortable and relaxed. The Chubby Sofa is covered in crisp, cool linen and the feel is reminiscent of days spent in relaxed beach attire. No matter what your coastal design style is, you may attain the calm simplicity of the coastal aesthetic. Good options include furnishings and materials that can withstand a little wear and tear. Simple, streamlined wood furniture, as well as aged and distressed furniture, are all simple to live with. You could even use outdoor textiles and carpets inside your house.

Coastal furniture should appear to be able to withstand sandy feet and salty beach air. Slipcovers, wicker, thick glass, and robust wood are all excellent choices. If you want upholstered items, use indoor/outdoor textiles that complement this design style.

Remember that the key to creating a pleasant interior is to pay attention to the furniture layout almost as much as the furniture itself. A smart method to achieve this is to reduce the quantity of furniture in the room, going for a leaner, more contemporary appearance. The objective is to make the furniture the focal point of the room while still providing adequate negative space for movement. With a streamlined design like this, it's more important than ever to make every piece of furniture matter. Choose things that are truly representative of the seaside design style.

Sea Motifs and Nautical Touch

Seashell vase decor
Seashell vase decor

Aside from beautiful natural goods, you may also give a sea-inspired touch to more utilitarian items. Look for octopus hooks, cabinets with seahorse handles, or fish-shaped bookends, for example. Don't forget to incorporate a few sea-inspired designs in your bed sheets, curtains, and pillows.

We believe it is critical to emphasize the distinction between coastal and nautical decor. However, a few hints of the latter will not go amiss. The classic blue and white (or red and white, if you like) striped pattern, as well as instantly identifiable symbols such as anchors, compasses, steering wheels, and ropes, are some smart maritime tricks.

You probably collect shells and whatever else catches your eye when strolling along the beach. Here's your chance to get some free seaside décor. Display your shells and beach finds in a beautiful and orderly manner to keep your area uncluttered. Fillable glass table lamps and jars keep your things secure. Driftwood is an excellent accent to any coastal design style. Large sculptural driftwood branches, for example, are fantastic beach art that may be exhibited everywhere in the home, even on the wall.

The difference between looking like a sophisticated home and a cheap seaside rental is that the furniture and decor items are stylish and inspired rather than gimmicky. So, choose your decor with care. Pay special attention to quality and elevated aesthetics. Lemons & Me has gorgeous, high-quality coastal furniture items to choose from.

Coastal Decor Should Be Unique and Personal

Regardless of which coastal design style appeals to you, don't limit yourself to traditional decor. In fact, there's no reason to be afraid of mixing more current pieces with one or two statement pieces that add a touch of beachy nostalgia to the space. Those classic decor items had a significant effect on this design.

Coastal interior style is more than just a place; it is a way of life. This means you can adopt this mindset even if you live inland and a long distance from the beach. Whether you live in a metropolitan apartment or a lakeside cottage, these five coastal décor ideas will give your house the calm feel of summer vacation.

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