Warranty Claim

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The manufacturer for each respective brand sold through the CFP Website or CFP Store fronts, warrants that their products sold, to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year from the original invoice date.


 If a replacement is issued after CFP’s 14 day-return/exchange policy for a product covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty Policy, Shipping and handling fees are to be paid for by the customer. If the customer chooses not to accept the replacement charges incurred, other compensation will not be honored. The customer bears the responsibility for forfeiting their replacement offer when the claim is closed. 

Assembly Issues / Product Issues

If for any reason there is difficulty associated with putting together an item and a warranty claim is placed within the return/exchange policy time period.  The repair and assembly team will reach out to the customer in order to help resolve the issue. If for any reason the solution provided does not resolve the issue, the item can be exchanged for a same item  replacement. 


If a customer is offered a repair for their item, an appointment must be scheduled within 2-5 business days of the initial offer with our suggested third party. If the repair is not scheduled due to any of the following reasons; repair service cannot get in touch or the customer is not available/a no-show when the repair is scheduled, the customer will incur a $125 fee as a repair technician has to cancel at the last minute. Repair fees are typically covered by the manufacturer, however if for any reason your item is found not to be covered by the inspector scheduled to take a look at your product due to the issue being incorrectly stated on the claim, or your product is exhibiting other damages that void the Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy, a charge of $65 will be billed to the customer. We ask that you clearly identify the issue at hand and supply photos and a video when necessary that can be used to confirm the issue prior to scheduling an inspection to avoid any possible charges.

Claim Submissions

When a claim is submitted, the respective manufacturer agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to assess the extent of the alleged damage to accept or deny a claim without explanation, to repair, supply materials or parts, offer a compensation in the form of CFP Wallet E-Credit, or to return or exchange for equal or lesser value without extra chargers, (outside of the fees incurred for shipping, handling, packing, return postage, and insurance, which will be incurred by the customer). 

Options offered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy can only be approved when submissions include all necessary filing information. In order for the manufacturer to clearly identify and certify at their discretion, along with CFP Furniture’s proof of purchase as confirmed by providing the necessary customer details listed and dated on the sales receipt, to qualify for any warranty-related offers.

All warranty claims must be filed by the original purchaser on file through the CFP Furniture Claims Submission page, whom CFP Furniture is in turn to act as a third party forwarding and directly contacting the brand's manufacturer regarding any warranty-related concern covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy. CFP Furniture is not responsible for handling claims from the consumer directly or offering a claim resolution. Please keep original receipts for a minimum of one year in case filing a claim may be necessary. 

If a claim is accepted or denied, the customer bears the responsibility to reply in a timely manner. The manufacturers offer quick turnaround times by reaching out with the appropriate solutions for the customer’s claim  through the submissions continuous email thread. Please check your email daily, as a ticket may close automatically 24 hours after notifying the customer of a solution and/or sending a follow up or detailed response from a warranty agent. Claims that are non-responsive in a timely manner, and are notified that they will be closed cannot be reopened. Solutions offered in a closed claim cannot be re-offered if the customer has not responded after a ticket closing notification has been sent. If a new ticket is submitted after the valid  Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy period, previous resolutions cannot be accessed or offered. A new resolution will be offered at the time of the new warranty claim submission if the claim period is still active.

Please note, Manufacturer’s Warranties are non-transferrable, will be VOID if a product is relocated to a new address, and cannot be extended. 

Warranty Limitations

The respective brands Manufacturer holds the rights to excluding a few of the products we carry in our stores. Please take a look at some of the Products sold through the CFP Furniture Website and Store Fronts.

This warranty does not include:

    • Normal wear and tear
    • Grain differences in natural wood, leather, artisan hand cut or woven products; Including but not limited to, textures, Irregularities that do not interfere with the products intended use, natural fading, or natural textile smell
    • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, abnormal use, modifications, personal accidents, 
    • Cover damages,not limited to; post-washing/drying issues, stains, tears, discoloration, zippers, etc.
    • Floor Models, Final Sale Items, Warehouse sale products, Clearance, Custom Orders, Purchases made outside of the CFP Furniture website or storefronts
    • Replacements such as leg caps, accent pillows, covers, drawers, or other assembly related parts
    • Coverage for fees incurred by hiring private assemblers or damaging a new product by breaking, stripping screw holes or screws, misassembled products, or not following the instructions indicated. 
    • Comfort preferences or buyers remorse
    • Compensation for delayed order shipments
    • Furniture used for commercial purposes 
    • Damages incurred moving to a new address
    • Damage as a result of weather, acts of God, flooding, wind, fire, etc