The Benefits of Rental Furniture

Fully furnished coastal living room apartment interior design with low coffee table, wooden barstool, and wooden accent chair.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about packing up your furniture when moving into a new home because it’s already fully furnished. A world where all you have to do is pack your everyday essentials and head on over to your new place styled by an expert designed.

Well, it’s here, Free Interior Design and ready for you when you need it.

Fully furnished coastal living room apartment interior design with low coffee table, wooden barstool, and wooden accent chair.

Moving into a fully furnished home has all kinds of benefits that are worth looking into. It gives you the option to rent furniture or Buy New Furniture, making your space move-in ready and move-out ready. It’s possible for your space to be designed, delivered, and assembled by the experts so all you have to do is walk through the door and enjoy your new decor. If you’re renting, the rental cost of furniture can be included in your lease purchase agreement so you don’t have to worry about a surprise additional fee. And the best part? If you decide to buy the furniture, you’ll have new on-trend investment pieces that you can keep forever.

Furniture Rentals That Feel Like Home
The ease of moving into a place that’s already furnished takes a lot of pressure off having to pack and lets you focus on what’s important – moving in! There’s no need to worry about heavy lifting or assembling living room sets because the specialists take care of that for you. Your entire living space is taken into account so your kitchen, Living Room Furniture, bedroom(s), bathroom, and any additional spaces like an office are designed to your liking.

Fully furnished small space apartment living room with low profile tv stand, leather sofa, leather ottoman, and glass coffee table.

Valyōu Spaces is a new type of furniture rental company transforming unfurnished homes into fully furnished, design dream spaces. After plugging in your details like your zip code and move-in date, you get to pick a plan that fits your budget, decide if you’d like to rent or buy furniture, choose the type of furniture that suits your style, and leave it to the experts to design and assemble. Whether you’re into coastal-inspired interiors,  industrial vintage with a modern flair, or want to turn your home into a modern art space, Valyōu Spaces has everything you need to make your design dreams come true.

Fully furnished apartment bedroom with upholstered bed frame, white wooden dresser, and wooden nightstand.

Move Out Without the Hassle
Another benefit of utilizing a rental furniture service is the luxury of your space being move-out ready when you need it to be. If you’re in an occupation that requires you to move around often like a traveling nurse, utilizing a furniture rental company is ideal so you don’t have to worry about moving furniture in or taking furniture out when you have to relocate again. Nomadic renters truly benefit from moving in and out of furnished spaces, and it makes sense for the seamless, efficient process it provides.

Surprise Fees Be-Gone
Opting for a fully furnished space comes with no surprise costs thrown into the total cost of your leasing agreement. If you sign a long term 12 month rental agreement at one of Valyōu Spaces’ partner properties for example, then your monthly payment will include the cost to rent your furniture, making it one monthly total instead of split costs. If you choose to buy your furniture instead of rent, then you would pay that total cash price upfront. Your credit history or creditworthiness may be reviewed depending on your decision to rent or buy, and this will be determined once you Initiate The Process.Fully furnished apartment sitting area in modern living room set with curvy furniture and wooden sideboard.

Designer Styled Pieces That Fit
Whether you decide on renting or buying furniture for your new home, you have the freedom to choose the look and feel of a fully furnished space with the help from expert designers. Are you moving into a new place with pets? Pet-proof products like the Feathers Sectional and  Pebbles Sofa  are available to rent and purchase at  Valyōu Spaces. These kinds of seating are modular arrangements, so if you decide to purchase them and move into a bigger space in the future, you can add on and make them fit your new space without having to get a whole New Sofas. Renters and buyers moving into fully furnished spaces get to select statement-making pieces that complement their lifestyle, no promo code needed… just a love for good design. Valyou Furniture's Pebbles L Sectional Learn more.

Fully furnished apartment sitting area in modern living room set with curvy furniture and wooden sideboard.

Moving into a new home is filled with all kinds of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be when you have the option to move into a fully furnished living space. The beauty of rental furniture services like Valyōu Spaces puts convenience and accessibility at the forefront so you can keep living life and taking care of the important things. Simply pick your package and get in touch with a design expert Valyou Furniture's.

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