Gifts for The Pet Lovers

Gifts for The Pet Lovers

Shopping for gifts for the pet lovers in your life just got easier. Pets bring life and love into a home, but they also bring the need for a little extra care. Cuddling with furry friends can seriously damage furniture if it’s not built to withstand pets. That’s why gifts for the home that stand up to a little added wear and tear are the perfect choice for the pet lovers on your list. Give the gift of luxury furniture, style, and comfort to all your friends, with two legs or four.

5th Sectional


The vintage-style 5th sectional adds a look of refinement and well-worn luxury to any room. It adds sophistication to any room and is a wonderful addition to homes with pets, as it withstands wear and tear while still looking luxurious. It’s ideal for pet owners who enjoy a refined aesthetic without sacrificing practicality.

The vegan leather is animal approved and lasts 2.5 times longer than traditional leather. The sofa is spill-proof and scratch-resistant, so there’s never a worry about who’s jumping up on the couch with you.

Pooch Chair


Pay homage to their favorite pal with the Pooch Chair. This quirky seat is a minimalist version of a good boy, or girl, and brings fun to any space. It’s a colorful statement piece that’s comfortable, too. This fun chair is the perfect way to add some personality to a room.

The playful design and safe, eco-friendly materials make it a great option for children and adults. The anti-slip legs and study design mean it’s always up for a little bit of roughhousing. Sit, stay, play - the Pooch Chair does it all.

Figure Table


The Figure Coffee Table is a work of art with its smooth curves and balanced design. The shape is simple, elegant, and unique, leaving a lasting impression on guests. Visually bold, the coffee table takes up less space than you would expect, making it just right for the average sized room.

Pet owners love the raised rim that helps keep nosey noses at bay. The Firgure Coffee Table is sturdy enough to withstand a few bumps or excited tail wags. This table features an easy-to-clean surface and is a pro at bouncing back from any spills or even dirty paws.

Everly Table


Made from smooth slate, the elegant Everly Dining Table with an open design gives an inviting feel. The smooth, rounded corners add to the charm of the design and make it a safe option for homes full of scurrying and scampering.

The solid and durable design of the Everly Dining Table is perfect for pet-friendly homes. Its robust construction ensures it can handle the hustle and bustle of a home with pets. It's a fantastic centerpiece for shared meals and moments, with enough strength to withstand the enthusiasm of your furry friends.

Osaka Bench


Objectively, the busiest place in a pet owner's home is the front door. Make their comings and goings less hectic with the Osaka Bench. It’s an ideal spot to pause and put on shoes, harnesses, or leashes.

Plus, with the ultra plush cushion, the bench can serve as additional seating when more guests arrive. The strong iron frame ensures long lasting usage, and the textured boucle fabric brings a touch of softness to balance the piece.

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