How to Decorate Your Home with Natural Materials

For years, humans have aspired to be able to bring nature inside their homes. People have long been drawn to the natural and organic appeal of items that make them feel calm, at ease, and, above all, welcome. There are numerous methods to bring nature into your house. Live greenery is a lovely addition if you are one of the fortunate folks who have a talent for caring for plants. Succulents in small sizes are ideal for tabletop pots and floating shelves. Plants with a lot of height can behave as columns, making a room appear higher. Full, green air plants work well on high shelves to fill in space and contrast with light-colored walls. The options are truly limitless.

The increased understanding of the importance of embracing all things natural has highlighted the importance of integrating nature into our homes in recent years. It's also a design aesthetic that we love to explore. Take a look at these five room decor ideas to help you flawlessly include nature and organically inspired elements into your interiors. If you've been attempting to come up with creative methods to bring the outdoors inside your house try one or two of these methods.

Use Nature as Art

It’s relaxing to decorate one's home creatively with natural materials. Organic design is one of the most recent eco-friendly home decor trends. All of the natural materials look stunning. Any combination of them makes for gorgeous centerpieces and ornamental accents. Simple DIY projects made from natural materials are a beautiful and inexpensive way to make your modern home decoration appear distinctive and extremely personal.

Try adding a single natural object. Look for objects with interesting forms that are in proportion to the rest of the display. Hang a twisted, tangly branch on the wall for dimensional wall art. Manzanita branches are distinguished by their forked, wiry tines. Or, try this for your next centerpiece or tabletop display: an assortment of natural leaves in mixed vases. Collect a range of cylindrical vases in varying sizes, as well as big leaves in a variety of textures and color striations. Fill the vases halfway with water and tuck the leaves inside for a natural presentation with a contemporary touch. Check out the Lyon Lounge Chair (cover image) for a decorative accent that has an island-style casual appearance but with evident comfort in mind. This sharp-edged yet well-rounded chair with natural rattan panels has a bamboo frame and modern geometric designs.

Add Greenery to Your Home

Plants and greenery are popular additions to many houses. Of course, they can be useful for interior decoration. However, there are several more advantages to having plant life in your house. Bringing plants into a room quickly brightens it and adds color and texture. If your home is mostly neutral, try putting the plant in a vibrant pot for a lively splash of color. They also help to cleanse the air. Indoor air pollution is a major threat to human health. Plants boost oxygen levels in the air and eliminate toxins from various coatings and household cleansers.

First, conduct some research to identify the plants that would most readily fit into your house. Consider the size of the plants as well as the amount of effort required to care for them. Try greenery near the doorway as a fun way to set the tone for the rest of your home. Wrap a eucalyptus garland around your foyer mirror, or load a bar cart with a mix of large-leaf plants and place it at the door. Use hanging plants or a wreath on the wall to give dimension to the area. The space will look taller when vegetation is placed at different levels. For example, adding green branches in a variety of textures to wall decor will provide a neutral hue and dimension to the area.



Modern industrial egg chair set in an urban space with exposed brick wall and vintage decor.

Many materials nowadays can't compete with the attractiveness of brick in modern architecture. Its pattern consistency creates a stunning backdrop for urban lofts while also adding texture and color to any area. Brick walls give individuality to any space by acting as a focal point or as a backdrop that compliments or contrasts the other design elements in the room. The elegance and regularity of a brick wall can lend texture and beauty to any design, whether industrial or rustic. If you live in a home with solid masonry walls, exposing the brick deliberately by removing the top layer of plaster is a fantastic way to add texture, warmth, and character to your room.


An open shelf wood bookcase styled with books and vintage decor is set in an industrial style room with concrete wall.

Just because the wall is beautiful on its own doesn't mean you can't make use of its available square footage. Rather than covering up the brick with a large bookshelf, go for one without a back, such as the Venecia Bookcase. The open shelf makes it simple to decorate with any decor items you like in addition to the books you may place here. Add plants, beloved objects, and other items to personalize your area.

Wood Finishes

Exotic aesthetics may be added to your kitchen with new cabinets that go beyond the standard oak or cherry woods. Some designers recommend rosewood or zebrawood, both of which were formerly reserved for bespoke furniture. And, because both new construction and remodeling projects embrace the open floor plan idea, cabinets are often visible from many areas, making it a style improvement not only for the kitchen but also for neighboring spaces.

The most recent furniture design trends show the rising appeal of organic materials and textures, whether it's a tabletop left in its natural oak wood finish or driftwood incorporated into furniture or accessories. Driftwood's mild gray hue, coupled with honey or pastel colors utilized on other furniture or the walls opens a room more so than using woods with deeper colors.

Natural Wood Furniture

Wood furniture gives a rich character to dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, but it may also pose a design quandary. Dark stained finishes and bulky forms might be difficult to incorporate into brighter or more modern settings. Whether you're dealing with a passed-down family heirloom or a vintage find, designing with wood furniture is all about striking a balance. With the proper combination of colors, textures, and designs, you can incorporate wood dining tables, dressers, hutches, and more into your existing decor.


A black accent chair with natural rattan seat and back is set in a coastal theme room with natural decor.

Dark wood furniture might seem out of place in an all-white environment. Rather than attempting to balance a dark stain with light, airy colors, go for a muted palette of paint colors. For example, charcoal gray walls paired with this Riviera Chair would provide a comfortable, cocoon-like environment.

Other wood tones are typically a safe choice if you're not sure what color to combine with wood furniture. Undertones in wood treatments might be yellow, orange, red, blue-gray, or dark brown. Decorate with other accent pieces that have a similar undertone to mixed wood furniture, even if the finish is considerably lighter or darker. Also, use neutral paint colors and other natural materials to tie the concept together.

Enjoy Decorating With Nature

Natural materials and crafts used in modern home design appear intriguing, comfortable, and one-of-a-kind. Natural and eco-friendly materials make visually pleasing and comfortable living environments with personality. Tree branches and bark, acorns and pine cones, leaves and berries, beach pebbles and seashells, dried flowers and driftwood are all wonderful natural resources for incorporating unique patterns into modern eco-friendly homes.

Some design fads, such as velvet upholstery or metallic floral wallpaper or shag wall-to-wall carpet, are more difficult to incorporate into your homes. Nature-inspired design, on the other hand, is a clear victor when it comes to long-lasting trends and styles. It's one of those things that looks beautiful on its own, but you can also add to the look and change it into something entirely unique. So, the next time you go on a walk outside, keep your eyes open. You'll be surprised at the inspiration you’ll find.

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