Kids Are Back to School_ It’s Time to Build Your Oasis

It’s been a long decade. I mean past year. Parents have had to work overtime to care for kids doing school at home followed by a summer full of making up for the lost time. Parents, teachers, chefs, entertainers, doctors, we do it all in addition to our many other responsibilities. We live in a time when leisure is considered a luxury. We hardly have time to rest and replenish our batteries for the days ahead because of our hectic lifestyle. Now, with some kids headed back to school. It’s time for moms and dads to catch their breath.

Take time to invest in your personal oasis. You may only get a few minutes a day to yourself so make those moments count. Creating an oasis in your house is an excellent method to guarantee that the time spent there has a positive effect on your mood and helps you cope with daily stress. That involves establishing a personal sanctuary which means making your house a joyful place where you look forward to returning at the end of the day. Take inspiration from these easy ways to transform your own little corner of the house into a relaxing haven.

Look Just the Right Spot

Image: Bohemian Scent

The first step is to choose a place for your personal oasis. Find a place in your home that brings you peace. This could be anywhere from a sun porch to a basement room that can be converted into a tranquil retreat. Find a place that makes you feel disconnected from the rest of the world and make it your own. Maybe it has a nice view or it’s nice and warm. Maybe it’s a spot that is quiet or where you can hear the wind blowing through the trees if you prefer. In the cover image the space is filled with natural colors and textures which many people find peaceful. The Riviera Chair and Tea Harbor Table are earthy, natural, and help create a light and airy feeling. The

important thing is that you pick a space where you love to be. Try to select a location that you don't already connect with anything potentially stressful, such as work.

Consider the Outdoors

Speaking of which, don't limit your oasis to the inside of your home. You can extend your options to the outside as well. You can truly do whatever you want when it comes to establishing a refuge in your outside space, so let your creativity go wild. You may also create a romantic garden by experimenting with different lighting, such as hanging pendant lights. You could add old mirrors to create a wonderful wonderland-inspired sanctuary. Hang wind chimes from tree branches to enjoy the peaceful sounds of the wind.

Create a peaceful haven in your outdoor space with comfortable chairs, colorful cushions, outdoor rugs, and knitted throws. Install pergolas and awnings to create semi-shaded seating areas and design them in a way that will motivate you to spend more time outside, listening to nature's noises and letting them relax your thoughts.

Function Over Form

Whatever purpose your oasis will serve, whether for rest or a space for hobbies, or a place to re-energize, make sure it is specifically built for that reason. If you plan to read, have plenty of light. If you want to relax, candles and soft music will enhance the space. For hobbies, have all of your materials at hand so you can go right to work without the interruption of roaming the house looking for items. Others might enjoy a coffee bar and snacks in their oasis to refuel for the rest of the day. Consider getting a white noise machine if you find it hard to unwind from the stress of the day. You can also think about how to feng shui in your particular area.

Remember that you'll want to keep your necessities close at hand. Will you require a writing desk? Perhaps a chair with a soft blanket and an end table with a lovely light instead. Perhaps you'd want to snooze in here, so the Harbor Cane Sofa with gorgeous throw cushions could be just what your soul needs. Perhaps all you need is some peaceful floor area for some yoga or meditation.

Set the Mood

Image: Lyon Chair

Alt text: light and airy wicker chair with white cushion and beige throw. Set in a coastal themed room with macrame and potted plant decor.

People may not always respond the same way to the same things, but tiny personal touches can make a significant difference in how you feel in your house. Think fresh flowers on the table, vegetables in bowls on the counter, and windows open when the weather permits. Also, include a bit of artwork. It does not have to be anything costly. It might be your child's artwork or something you produced yourself, family pictures, or even odd packaging that you’ve framed.

Distinct scents have different effects on humans as well. Some fragrances bring back memories of happier times,

while others may be less pleasant. Bringing in the perfect soothing smell, whether through candles, incense, or things such as cinnamon sticks, may provide the finishing touch to your sanctuary. The light bulbs are also important. Look for warm white LED bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K for a more warm, incandescent light.

Add in Your De-stress Objects

Alt text: Plush white cushion sofa with wicker frame in a coastal decor room. Decorated with plants and natural fubar decor.

Choose things that you adore. It's conceivable that they're already strewn throughout your house.

Bringing them all together in one place may convert an average space into one that is associated with only pleasant emotions. Whether you currently have it or need to find it, having it in your oasis will offer you delight and leave you feeling happy.

Surround yourself with items that make your heart skip a beat. They don't have to mean anything to anybody but you. This is your own space. Do you love to read? What will motivate you to finish that book? Is this an art room? Perhaps add some materials and pints. Perhaps your favorite thing is a cherished lamp, a family relic, or a diary. Use whatever suits your requirements to create a relaxing haven that will inspire you. Remove the curtains or replace them with virtually see-through ones to allow more natural light in. Soaking up the early sunbeams can improve your energy levels and leave you feeling completely energized to deal with your hectic schedule.

Peace and Privacy

Don't forget to let people know when you have scheduled your personal time. Even if you can only get away for five minutes, make sure the door is locked or has a Do Not Disturb sign. Please set limits with your family. Even small children may be taught that Mom has her own "time out" zone when someone else is home to care for them during your break.

Making your hideaway a calm area will be ineffective if noise becomes a distraction. Noise from outside can be muffled by using textiles such as heavy drapes, carpets, and cushions,

as well as photographs and other wall hangings. A water feature may provide your brain with a soothing sound to focus on when you are in your personal zone. Prepare for your unwind time so there will be no distractions once you are there. Forget your phone. Set a timer so you’re sure you enjoy every peaceful minute without worrying if you have been away from your responsibilities for too long.

Make time to do anything you choose to include in your oasis, no matter how big or little it is or where it is located. Make it a one-day weekend project. Don't worry about perfecting it. When you get your space set up and start spending time in it, you will intuitively know what to add or remove. It is a dynamic process that is supposed to be enjoyed, allowing you to practice creative self-care while progressively constructing your own sanctuary.


Stress-free parents are more effective at raising stress-free kids. It’s easier to enjoy the little moments in life when you are rested and restored. So, think of this time as valuable and really make it a priority to unwind, for yourself and for your children. You deserve a little bit of heaven in your own home and garden. As we all know, a house becomes a home when you have poured your heart and energy into making it ideal for you and your family. So, don't overthink it; just do what seems right. After all, it's all about you and making your own joyful, relaxing environment.

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