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Say Goodbye to Sagging Sofas Forever with FeatherFlow™ Cushion Care

Sofa Cushion filling for sagging cushions

In a groundbreaking update to its esteemed Feathers Collection, Valyou Furniture proudly unveils the FeatherFlow™ Cushion Care system, setting a new standard in customizing your sofa with the click of a button.

Known for its innovative approach to design and quality, the Feathers cloud couch dupe has further solidified its reputation with this latest enhancement, already highly favored and featured in Cosmopolitan, Vice, Apartment Therapy, and more.

FeatherFlow™ Cushion Care, a sophisticated blend of polyfil and feathers, offers users a luxurious, plush, and sink-in feel traditionally associated with feather down, while ensuring a breathable seating experience that keeps you cool and comfortable.

This premium cushion filling allows customers not only to customize the firmness of their sofa from soft to firm settings but also addresses the common issue of sagging cushions. With the capability to rejuvenate up to four cushions with a single 10-pound order, FeatherFlow™ ensures your sofa retains its shape and support for years to come and is an easy fix for sagging sofa cushions. 

"Understanding that comfort is personal, we've designed FeatherFlow™ to adapt to our customers' evolving needs," said Shaul Rappaport, co-founder of Valyou Furniture.  Previously celebrated for its spill-repelling, stain-resistant SoftShield™ Fabric, the Feathers Collection has now raised the bar even higher. 

The introduction of FeatherFlow™ Cushion Filling is a testament to Valyou Furniture's dedication to innovation, offering an anti-sag feature that instantly prevents flat and sagging cushions, ensuring your couch looks and feels new from the first day you got it.

Available across all Feathers Collection sofas, this enhancement comes in response to customer feedback and market demand for more personalized and durable home furniture solutions. For more information on the Feathers Collection and the new FeatherFlow™ Cushion Care, visit Valyou Furniture's website at


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Valyou Furniture is a furniture store dedicated to bringing stylish and comfortable pieces to homes around the country. With a focus on modern design and functional beauty, Valyou is committed to redefining the way we live with furniture that reflects modern lifestyles and preferences. Visit for more information.

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