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Valwazz Accent Chair

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Color: Grey

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Valwazz Accent Chair


It's all about yōu

  • Warranty

  • Easy Returns

  • Easy Assembly

  • Durable

  • Engineered For Comfort

  • Anti Scratch Fabric


Length31" Inch
Depth31" Inch
Height31" Inch
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Length31" Inch
Depth31" Inch
Height31" Inch
Weight Capacity330 lbs


A little flamboyant. And with a name like Valwazz, what did you expect?

A bold contrast, a fashionably relaxed look, and as you can probably see – a very comfy feel. The Valwazz is a fun, jazzy statement for your lounge or entertainment space, but don’t worry, this accent chair doesn’t go too far. Simple black legs bring this chair down to earth, while providing a nice contrast. Go on, you can pull off orange!

The right amount of jazzy
Orange meets blue or black meets white — a classic modern contrast. A spray bronze base and black angled legs ground the look.


As comfy as it looks
A soft linen and polyester feel, supported with high-density foam.


Designed to last
Valyou made – which means quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, with durability at the heart of the design.

Front Fabric 95% polyester, 5% linen
Inside Metal frame, high-density foam
Base Metal brushed spray bronze gold finish
Back PU
Carton Size 33x31x29" Inch
Weight 47 lbs
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