Recognizing and Avoiding Phishing Messages and Scams

Phishing is a deceptive method used by scammers to obtain sensitive information or money from you by pretending to be a trustworthy source. They might try to deceive you by:

- Sending emails that appear to be from a legitimate company, like Valyou Furniture or a brand you're working with.

- Making scam calls or sending messages that mimic Valyou Furniture representatives.

When engaging with Valyou Furniture, you will receive official emails, messages and other communications to keep you informed about your dealings and updates. To distinguish these from phishing attempts, remember:

- Official emails from Valyou Furniture will always come from our email addresses.

- Emails regarding collaborations will only be sent from our addresses or directly from the brand's official email.

- Valyou Furniture communicates with you using the email address provided in your contact details with us.

- Any support or assistance messages will be in response to your initiated requests. 

Valyou Furniture will never request your personal or private information through email or personal messages, nor will we ask for money via email. Requests for personal information, such as contact details or shipping addresses, will only be made through official forms or platforms, not through emails.

If you receive an email or message not from a address or from a brand you are collaborating with through us, it could be a scammer impersonating Valyou Furniture. In such cases, do not respond or share any personal information. We advise reporting the suspicious email or message for spam or suspicious activity on the platform you received it on.

If uncertain whether a message is genuinely from Valyou Furniture, you can always reach out to us directly at to verify.