Fast Delivery on every single order with a low flat fee

Furniture is one of the biggest and heaviest items that gets delivered to residential areas. Therefore the furniture industry is known for long lead times and high shipping costs. We don’t like that. And so, our entire operation is set up, getting furniture from our factories to your home in as little time as possible!

Handling time

Handling time is the time it takes us to prepare the order from when we receive it until it gets shipped.

Handling time can take anywhere between 1-5 business days, for us to do a deep quality check pack, secure and ship your order.

Shipping time

We use our own trucks, so the day we ship that's the day you will receive.

Location Shipping Time
West Coast 1-5 business days
East Coast 5-12 business days
Hawaii Oahu 1 business day
Hawaii- Other Islands 3-7 Business days

Shipping Options


FedEx express- $29.99

Available only for small items / flat box items.

Curbside delivery- $99

With this delivery option we will deliver to the entrance of your house/building.

Inside delivery- $250

With this delivery option we will deliver your order inside your house or apartment and place the items in the first room (living, entrance hole).

Inside + Package removal- $295

With this delivery option we will deliver your order inside your house remove the boxes and excess, and place the items inside a room of choice.


Pickup- Free

You can come pickup your order from our warehouse located at 500 Kuwili st. Monday-Friday 10am - 3pm.

After you place an order, allow us 24-48 hours to prepare your items for pickup to give time to our quality assurance team to inspect the items before pickup. Once inspection is done you will receive an email that your item is available for pickup.

Curbside Delivery- $50 Flat fee

With this delivery option we will deliver to the entrance of your house/building.

Inside Room Of Choice - $99 Flat Fee

With this delivery option we will deliver your order inside your house or apartment, and place the boxes in your living room, bedroom or any room you would like!

White glove Assembly and Setup- $195 Flat Fee

With this delivery option you will just watch and enjoy! We will deliver your items inside your house or apartment, assemble and set up the furniture in any room you would like, remove the boxes and Excess and leave your space all ready for you :)

Maui/ Kauai / Big-Island

Currently we offer a port drop off at young brothers, for you to pickup at the closest port to you. You will need to pay the shipping charges to young brothers. For more information contact us at For more information please call us at (888) 913-2008
or email us at


  • How long can you hold my order for after purchase?

    We generally hold orders up to 30 days from the time of purchase, need us to hold it a bit longer? contact us to put in a special request.

  • Can you haul away my old Furniture?

    If you live in Hawaii, we offer a Haul away service upon delivery for a fee of $100 per item removed and disposed of.

    For Mainland, we do not currently Haul away any old items

  • What is Pre-order?

    We have 3 stock categories:

    In-stock, Pre-order and Sold out.


    When it says In-stock on the product page it means that the item is at our warehouse and ready to ship or ready for pickup.

    Once you place your order it takes us 24-48 hours for our team to process and inspect the item. Once the item is passed our inspection precedes we will contact you for delivery or for pickup!


    As all of our items are Handmade It takes us 4-12 weeks (depending on the item) to manufacturer a piece of furniture. As the process is long, and items sell fast, we offer the option to pre-order an item, and in this way, you can reserve a piece you like.

    Item enters the pre-order stage only when we started production on the item. In case production is not yet started the item will be marked as SOLD OUT.

    Sold out

    An item is marked as sold out when the item is not in stock, and we don't have a new production set yet.

    Once production starts the item will be open for pre-order. When an item is out of stock, you will see an option on the product page to sign up for alerts to when it will be open for pre-order.

  • Can I purchase a new item and add it to my old order without paying shipping/Assembly again?

    If we have yet to ship out your order, yes you may add another order to your previous one without paying any extra delivery/assembly fees. If the order has already been sent out, new shipping/assembly fees will be applied.