Malibu Cloud Modular Ottoman

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Color: White

Mix & Max with Malibu

Malibu modular design, reimagining your space becomes a playful adventure. The endless configurations adapt to your evolving style, space, and comfort needs. Whether you're moving, redesigning, or simply in the mood for a change, Malibu moves with you, ensuring your living space is always perfectly aligned with your preferences.

In Real Life

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Sink Into Softness

Dive into the clouds with our cushions that are generously filled with feathers. Each cushion is a promise of an unparalleled comfort experience, cradling you in a soft, sumptuous embrace that you'll never want to leave.

Ultra Stain Repellant Fabric

The Malibu's ultra stain repellant fabric is your shield against accidents, making cleanup a breeze and keeping your sanctuary pristine. Whether it's wine night with friends or kids' playdate, your Malibu sofa stays spotless, ensuring peace in every situation.

Easy Care Removable Covers

Whether its a spill from a lively game night, crumbs from a casual dinner on the couch, or simply the unavoidable signs of every use, this sofa has got your covered - literally. With just a few simple zip and snaps, you can strip the covers off, pop them in the wash, and voila - your sofa is as fresh and vibrant as the day you welcomed it home.

Flip, Latch, and Relax

The Malibu Sofa is designed with your ease in mind. In mere minutes, without a single tool, assembling the Malibu Sofa is as easy as a flip and click into a world of cloud comfort!



41"L x 41 "D x 18"H

Assembly Instructions


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