No-Stains Rug

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Size: 7x9 ft

Spotless Mess

Don't live a life tip-toeing around your room like a ballet dancer. Because honestly, who signed up for that? Not you. Made from 100% polyester, this rug is waterproof and stain proof. You can say goodbye and watch in amazement as liquids simply wipe right off, transforming every accidental spill into a thrill.

Stand the test of time.

Liquid? What liquid? The No Stains Rug can hold onto any spillage like a secret, for up to 3 hours, without letting a drop seep through. Whether it's piping hot coffee or ice-cold lemonade, this living room rug handles it proving that some things do stand the test of time!

In Real Life

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The ‘Oops-Proof’ Pairing

Designed to buddy up with your beloved Feathers Sofa. The No Stains Rug & Feathers Collection is a pair so tight, spills roll right off! Together they're transforming living rooms into no-worry zones. The only stains you'll catch here are tears of joy from stunned guests.

No Spin Cycle Required!

Are you prepared for the journey of cleaning a machine washable rug? It involves moving heavy furniture, wrestling the rug into the washing machine and enduring a noisy wash cycle, followed by days of drying time. This process then reverses, with the rug needing to be placed back and the furniture rearranged, a test of strength and patience. For those seeking a less strenuous experience, consider the ease of a stain-resistant rug, which offers minimal maintenance and no need for heroic efforts to keep it clean.

One Rug Fits All!

An irresistible fusion of functionality and aesthetics, the No Stains rug is perfect for any living room vibe! Want to hide those moody dark wooden floors? Boom! Rug to the rescue. Craving to give your toes a warm snuggle every time you step into the room? Bam! Covered. Meticulously crafted to suit every style, making your home look its absolute best

Where Fashion Meets Function.

Experience carefree living with our no-stain rug, designed for life's messy moments. Say goodbye to machine washing and long drying times; The No Stains Rug is waterproof and stain-proof, making cleanups a breeze. Grab the ultimate 'Oh No, Not Again' Solution today – your floors will thank you.

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