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Size: Z5
Color: Beige

Oni way to make your new set even more functional?

So, you’ve got your Oni Lounger set on the way, but you feel like you need a little more. The answer is simple - throw in an Oni bundle (or 2)! The best way to add to your modular furniture sets is to add more modules. An extra ottoman and side table, another serving tray and a candle holder, all matching your set.

Add a little table on the side
The side tables are available in 2 sizes - small is 39 by 20.3 inches, the large is 39 by 33.5 inches. Both are made of teak and are weatherproofed, just like the other Oni sets and components.

In Real Life

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Service in style with natural river stones

Available in 2 sizes, the large tray is a generous 28.5 by 19.1 inches, while the small tray is 22.2 by 19.1 inch and still has plenty of space for serving drinks and nibbles on the patio under the stars. (Not included in bundle, you can buy them separate.)

We couldn't make it Oni easier if we tried

Like the other Oni modular furniture, these individual components are easy to assemble, easy to clean, easy care and weatherproof.



Ottoman: 40.2"W x 40.2"D x 15.9"H
Side Table: 39.4"W x 39.4"D x 5.9"H
Leg height: 3.9"H

Assembly Instructions


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