The Charm 2.0 Bed

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Size: Cal King
Frame Color: Dark Wood
Headboard Color: Grey

Keeping your headboard as fresh as your sheets.

A sparkling clean bed, from pillow-top to the tippy-top! Featuring a removable-washable headboard and squishable 100% foam for dreamers who enjoy breakfast in bed and pillow fights!

A sweet dream deal.

Wait a minute! Hold onto your pyjamas, heres a sweet dream deal for you! For the price of one Thuma bed, you could afford nearly three Charm 2.0 Beds. That's one for your bedroom, one for your guest room and one just for funsies. With a name that rhymes with alarm - maybe it’s a wake-up call to rethink that outrageous splurge on Thuma. Who says affordable can't be comfortable!

In Real Life

Video taken by an iphone 12. No filters, No edits.

No peek-a-boo games anymore.

Thuma beds better run and hide, because our 100% foam headboard just got a towering upgrade. Now with an enhanced headboard height of 30", no peek-a-boo games anymore. Embrace bedtime like never before - because your pillows deserve the limelight, but your bed deserves the standing ovation!

Dreamy assembly.

Just one screw, two hands, and five minutes of your time. It’s that easy. A flawless Japanese locking structure on the frame, and solid slat construction, with perfectly spaced slats for breathability and support. No need for a box spring.

Uncover the underneath secret.

A bed with generous under-storage space that's perfect for keeping your essentials hidden yet accessible. Not only does it provide extra room for your belongings, but its design also allows for effortless cleaning underneath the bed, keeping your room neat and tidy at all times.

Your best ally for pillow wars.

Dive into your next pillow war armed with confidence in our incredibly durable and sturdy solid wood bed, your ultimate battlefield fortress. Withstand the wildest slumber party and claim victory, thanks to its well designed wooden slats that guarantees epic fun and peaceful dreams after!

The only difficult part? Choosing the color.

It’s easy to make this bed your own too - with two natural wood colors, and four alluring shades for the headboard. The only hard part is to choose...You’re all set for worry-free sleeping.

Perfect for heavy sleepers.

Experience deep and restful sleep with our new heavy-duty bed, tailor-made for those who cherish their slumber. Comfortable, durable and effortlessly stylish, it's the perfect addition to ensure the heavy sleepers wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


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