Umi Pendant Light

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Size: 20 inch
Color: White

Cloudy brilliance blast

Brining a touch of magic to any space. Experience the wonder of a cloud floating in your room as the Umi Pendant Light illuminates your surroundings, turning any ordinary space into an enchanting haven.

Handmade light delight

Crafted with care, the lamp body is made of resin using a special handmade mold turning process, resulting in a smooth and vintage look that celebrates the beauty of life.

In Real Life

Video taken by an iphone 12. No filters, No edits.

Light up your world

Light up your world with Umi Pendant Lights! This durable lighting solution will brighten up any space with its long-lasting LED bulbs and sleek design, bringing a touch of modernity and elegance to your home or office.

Glow and Show

Illuminate your space with mesmerizing colors and shapes that transform your room into a magical oasis. Experience the beauty of a floating cloud, bringing joy and wonder to your everyday life.

Shine Bright, Right?

Light up your life (and your space) with the Umi Pendant Light - the illuminating addition that'll leave you feeling brighter than a supernova and fancier than the Northern Lights!

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