Valyōu Play: Interiors Tailored to Fit Every Lifestyle

Valyōu Play: Interiors Tailored to Fit Every Lifestyle

From furniture to color schemes to accessories and decor, Valyōu launches a new shop-the-look style program that brings five exciting personas to the world of interior design. Valyōu Play gives everybody the opportunity to access inspired interior design right at their fingertips.


UNITED STATES, AUG. 10, 2022. Valyōu Furniture is excited to announce the launch of Valyōu Play, a shop-the-look style program that brings five exciting personas to the world of interior design. The program aims to help shoppers see the benefit of interior design services and realize it can be done without spending a fortune. At the same time, Valyōu Furniture strives to connect with a new demographic and gain recognition with a younger generation of shoppers.

The Valyōu Play campaign will incorporate a strong social media element, using the company's Instagram page, which can be found at @valyoufurniture, to promote a series of rooms designed by its professional interior design team.


These personas inspire everything about the room designs featured in the campaign, from furniture and color schemes to accessories and decor. That said, customers who choose to purchase furniture or accessories influenced by the Valyōu Play designs can pick and choose the elements they like most and work directly with the company's design team to find additional accessories or pieces that are complementary to the design and persona they've chosen to work from. With top brands in-store including Mario Capasa, Foundry, and Lemons & Me, Valyōu Furniture believes that customers will be able to easily find affordable replacements that suit their own unique personas.

When discussing the launch of Valyōu Play, the company's design expert, Miona Mijić said, "Valyōu Play rooms have been designed with intent to give customers a visual example of how our furniture can be utilized to create a space that's convenient for their way of life… that their rooms can be a reflection who they are."

Mijić and the company believe this campaign can help shoppers better understand the value of professional design. Through the Valyōu Play campaign, Valyōu strives to speak to shoppers with various lifestyles, hobbies, and passions. While the various personas the brand has designed are meant to appeal to a younger audience, most of the designs should be inspirational to people of all ages and walks of life.

Valyōu Furniture provides its professional interior design services free of charge for those who choose to shop with the company. Those interested in viewing the Valyōu Play room designs can visit the company's social media pages. To learn how you can design your entire space visit Valyōu Spaces, which includes a team of leading interior designers who will customize a plan for your dream space.

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