Modern industrial furniture for the tasteful man.
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About Foundry

For those that appreciate fine, vintage-inspired furnishings, Valyou proudly presents Foundry. The Foundry brand takes pride in its superior level of detailed craftsmanship and curated premium materials. This brand is distinctive in its industrial appearance and unique designs.

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Akerman Sofa
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Andiron Coffee Table
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Gillow Sofa Bed Foundry Gillow Sofa Bed Foundry
Foundry Gillow Sofa
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Imbrie Cabinet with Drawer Storage Foundry Imbrie Cabinet with Drawer Storage Foundry
Foundry Imbrie Cabinet with Drawer
Pre-order: EST Nov 22
Andiron Coffee Table Coffee Table Foundry Andiron Coffee Table Coffee Table Foundry
Lohrmann Sofa Sofa Foundry Lohrmann Sofa Sofa Foundry
Foundry Lohrmann Sofa
Pre-order: EST Nov 22
Akerman Sofa Sofa Foundry Akerman Sofa Sofa Foundry
Foundry Akerman Sofa
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Hargrave Bookcase Storage Foundry Hargrave Bookcase Storage Foundry
Foundry Hargrave Bookcase
$1,499.95 $2,500
Pre-order: EST Nov 25
Lacca Chair Chair Foundry Lacca Chair Chair Foundry
Foundry Lacca Chair
Pre-order: EST Nov 25
Duarte Sofa Sofa Foundry Duarte Sofa Sofa Foundry
Foundry Duarte Sofa
From $2,499.95
In stock
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Balustur Bookcase Storage Foundry Balustur Bookcase Storage Foundry
Foundry Balustur Bookcase
Pre-order: EST Nov 22
Portage Storage Box Storage Foundry Portage Storage Box Storage Foundry
Foundry Portage Storage Box
$1,139.95 $2,000
In stock
Portage Chest Storage Foundry Portage Chest Storage Foundry
Foundry Portage Chest
$1,499.95 $2,200
In stock
Vaquer Trunk Storage Foundry Vaquer Trunk Storage Foundry
Foundry Vaquer Trunk
In stock

At Foundry, we use the highest level of care to deliver quality furniture that meets and exceeds your expectations. Your new piece is designed to be great-looking and long-lasting.


Wood furniture is beautiful, easy to care for. and classic. Quality wood furniture can last generations when properly maintained.


Durable and low maintenance, leather will stay looking great over time with proper care. Leather is generally easy to care for with a few simple steps and a quick and easy maintenance routine.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel furniture requires minimal but routine care and maintenance to keep clean and prevent rust. Slight oxidation may show after several months based on climate and use.


Iron is a very sturdy and long-lasting material, but it will require maintenance to prevent rust like other metals. We recommend that you clean and wax your iron furniture at least once or twice a year.


Aluminum furniture is strong, lightweight, and durable. It is easy to maintain aluminum's shine and appearance with an easy-to-follow maintenance routine. Doing so can lead to corrosion.