The Feathers 2.0

Introducing the upgraded Feathers Collection by Mario Capasa, the world's most customizable sofa. Designed with customer feedback in mind, it features an ultra stain repellent, fully machine washable covers, and adjustable cushion stuffing for personalized comfort. Now with a range of accessories, you can now customize the height with adjustable legs from 2" to 6".

Customizable Comfort

Customizable Height

Ultra Stain Repellant

A New Feeling of Comfort

Couch Cushion Filling

Feather Flow™ Couch Cushion Filling consists of a blend of polyfill and feathers, offering a luxurious, plush, sink-in feel traditionally associated with Feather Down, ensuring a breathable seating experience that keeps you cool and comfortable.

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Customizable Height

Tailor your living space to match your style and comfort needs. The Feathers Collection's adjustable legs come standard at 2 inches, offering a sleek, close-to-the-ground look. For those seeking a higher stance, we present an easy upgrade option with our 6-inch legs.

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Ultra Stain Repellant Fabric

Feathers Ultra Stain Repellant Fabric redefines sofa protection with its patented, high-density fiber blend and superior repellent coating. How? An invincible barrier blocks against spills, making sure that accidents simply glide off without leaving a mark. There's a reason why Feathers is the new standard.

The Most Customizable Sofa

Endless Configurations

At the heart of The Feathers is a commitment to adaptability; each component is designed to connect effortlessly, allowing for endless configurations that evolve with your lifestyle. The Feathers Collection introduces a modular seating system, offering unparalleled flexibility to create, configure, and customize your ideal seating arrangement.