Couch Cushion Filling | Feather Flow

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Style: Feathers

Customizable Comfort

Durability & Resilience

Poly-fil & Down Filling



Don't let your sofa down

Keep it up with The Feathers Filling

Here’s the hard truth: even the best down-filled cushions might start to show signs of sagging or decompression anywhere from 3 to 5 years with regular use, requiring fluffing, replacing your couch or refill sofa cushions. Don't let your sofa down - keep it up with Feather Flow Couch Cushion Filling. The anti-sag feature instantly prevents flat and sagging cushions ensuring your couch retains its shape and support for years to come.

Customizable Comfort

With The Feather Filling, easily adjust and refill cushions to customize your density. Need a little boost? Simply refresh your cushions with additional Sofa filling as needed— unzip, stuff, and you're done. Instantly revives your cushions, keeping your sofa looking and feeling new.

Prevent Sagging Cushions

Make Every Sit Like the First. Say goodbye to sagging cushions and welcome refillable, long lasting support with Feather Flow Couch Cushion Filling. Designed to counteract the natural sagging of down-filled cushions, it ensures your sofa retains its shape and support over time. With Feather Flow, experience the plush, sink-in feel of traditional Feather Down, enhanced with poly-fil for a seating experience that adds a voluminous feel, making every sit more satisfying then the first.

Cushion Care Made Easy

We understand comfort is personal. The Feathers Collection arrives with poly-fil and down filling, designed for ultimate softness. By adding extra Feather Flow Couch Care to your order you can adjust the firmness to suit your preference- from soft to firm. A single 10kg order of Feather Flow can rejuvenate up to four cushions, allowing you to precisely tailor your seating experience.