Canyon Dining Table

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Color: White
Size: 55 inch

Supper squad

Are you tired of wobbly tables that always spill your wine and topple over your appetizers? Meet the supper squad's new secret weapon - the Canyon Dining Table! Stable, sturdy and stylish, this table will have you eating in peace and looking chic all at the same time.

Food and fun collide 

Gather around our dining table made with the perfect blend of wood and polished finish for a sturdy and stylish base. The smooth and waterproof tabletop makes every meal an adventure with less worry and more merriment!

In Real Life

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Perfectly balanced for a perfect meal

This dining table may have only three legs, but don't be fooled, it's more stable than your ex's emotional state. Thick, sturdy and durable, it can handle any feast you throw its way, even if your uncle spills his gravy for the third time.

Three-mendous dining table

Gather your family and friends around this three-mendous dining table, where meals are more than just nourishment, they're a memorable experience. With its sleek design and ample seating space, this table will have everyone wishing dinner would never end.

Assembly Instructions


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