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    Color: Black & White

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    Flar Rug

    Mario Capasa

    It's all about yōu

    • Valyou Exclusive

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    • Durable

    • Authentic Cowhide

    • Limited Edition

    • Valyou exclusive



    Gorgeous. Natural. Stylish.

    This authentic cowhide rug comes in two colors with varying natural patterns. It’s a familiar pattern yet an unexpected style choice that will complete your unforgettable decor look. Natural marks, branding marks, and color or size variations are expected characteristics of natural hide products and they make each Flar Rug one-of-a-kind.

    Low pile height.
    The Flar Rug lays close to the floor.

    Natural cowhide and natural patterning and marks.

    This rug can be used with a wide range of decor styles from rustic to glam. It can be used as a rug, throw, or wall hanging.

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