Onsen Vanity with Drawers

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Color: Grey

5-in-1 Design

Whether it's serving as a desk, a vanity, an entertainment center, or an effortless sideboard, the Onsen adapts to adjust with your daily life.

Flex Your Space

Shape-Shifting & Retractable Design. Whether expanding for a full use or compacting to conserve space, its retractable features are the perfect balance of form and function in every configuration. Instantly converts into an L-shaped desk for those bursts of creativity or important tasks, providing a spacious area for productivity.

In Real Life

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Simply Organized

Thoughtfully Designed Storage Solutions. 6 spacious drawers and dedicated compartments so that every item, from beauty essentials to work supplies, finds its home.

Effortless Touches

From its smooth, matte finish that resists smudges and fingerprints to the precision-engineered retractable structure, the Onsen is built with you in mind.

Instant Vanity Mode

Transforms into a fully extended vanity so getting ready for the day or an evening out becomes a ritual you look forward to. Plus, with so much storage space at your fingertips, you'll have plenty of room to hide all your beauty secrets!

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