Pismo Pony Chair

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Color: Grey
Material: Velvet

Playful Touch to Your Décor

Say neigh to boring chairs and saddle up on our Pismo Pony Chair for a ride that will elevate your living space from dull to chic. This playful piece is guaranteed to add some hoof and flair to your décor!

In Real Life

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Plush Pony Perch

Made with soft velvet fabric, a durable plastic frame and thick stable legs, this chair is perfect for anyone who loves a smooth and comfortable ride. And with latex foam inside, it's like riding a cloud in pony shape!

Equestrian Elegance

Unleash your inner equestrian! Designed for the young and young at heart, this chair is a must-have for those who appreciate the finer things in life, such as galloping through their living room and snuggling up with their favorite horse.

A Luxurious Ride

Let the soft fabric and sturdy frame whisk you away into a world of comfort and sophistication. Perfect for your personal throne or the highlight of your living room, this chair will have you feeling like royalty every time you sit down. Giddy up!

Assembly Instructions


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