Portage Storage Box

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Real industrial materials, real industrial feel

The Portage Storage Box features a shiny aluminum exterior over a strong wooden frame with stylish yet functional hinges and 'latch and strike' closure. Each storage box has a shelf inside for superior storage organization. These boxes are such a convenient size, they work in every room - extra storage for the industrial style kitchen, coffee table in the living room, side table in the dining area, or get a pair for bedside tables in the bedroom.

Industrial style
Take that stainless steel commercial kitchen look, mix in a little garage vibe, add a sprinkle of patchwork for something different, you've got the Portage Storage Box.

In Real Life

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Storage done right

The Portage Storage Box measures 25.6" x 22.4" x 25.6" making it just the right size for storing those extra things that have no home.

Strong construction

Built on a sturdy wooden frame with a shiny aluminum outer layer, The Portage Storage Box is made to last.



Width: 25.6"
Depth: 22.4"
Height: 25.6"

Assembly Instructions


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