Level-Up Your Look with High Quality Decor

Level-Up Your Look with High Quality Decor

To pull an interior design look together, we frequently focus on the furniture itself, the arrangement, or the accessories. We can be oblivious to the greater picture. In a room, the materials we use should take center stage. Materials matter, from warm mahogany in a bachelor pad to beautiful silks in a Japanese-style bedroom.

But how do you choose your home's furniture and decorating materials? Many homeowners are so concerned with the appearance of the furnishings and fixtures that they overlook the materials' endurance. Redecorating a home every five years because the furnishings you acquired when you first moved in did not last is time-consuming and wasteful. That is why, if you are currently decorating your home, you should take the time to select the best materials to purchase. Consider how long each piece will last and how timeless it is. Take a look at this guide. We've got you covered on everything from the materials themselves and their qualities to how to incorporate them into your interior design strategy.


Some may argue that there is no alternative for wood when it comes to developing character. Real wood is one-of-a-kind because no two pieces are the same. For a variety of reasons, wood is one of the most important — if not the most favored — materials used by artists. Interior designers and homeowners are also turning to wood in greater numbers than ever before to incorporate one-of-a-kind or unexpected design elements into a room.

A natural wood chair with wicker accents is set in a coastal style room with macrame, houseplants, and rattan furniture.

A natural wood chair with wicker accents is set in a coastal style room with macrame, houseplants, and rattan furniture.

One popular option is mahogany. This is ideal for people searching for long-lasting quality. Because of its strength and unique color, it is frequently used for paneling, boats, and even musical instruments. It has a straight and uniform grain, which means it is pleasant to the touch and devoid of cavities. Keep in mind that mahogany is a statement item. Excessive use of this material can make spaces appear gloomy and tiny. The Allete Chair would look fantastic in a study or living area. This is the ideal use for this powerful wood. The color intensifies with use, and the material is quite durable.

Mix Metal

There are several tried and true home decor standards that we see over and over, but combining metals is not one of them. Mixing metals is a unique touch that gives any area a clean and beautiful look. The various metals work together to provide depth, directing the eye from the characteristics of the primary hue to the accent colors.

However, combining metals may be intimidating. Combining gold and silver, let alone all of the various metal colors available now, might be overwhelming. Aside from selecting which metals to blend, there is also the issue of metal finishes to consider. There are several combinations to select from, such as brushed stainless steel and hammered copper.

A round coffee table made of copper and bronze is set in an industrial style decor space.

A round coffee table made of copper and bronze is set in an industrial style decor space.

Combine two finishes, such as polished metal and hammered metal, to create an eclectic look. If you're concerned about combining different types of metal, stick to one metal, such as brass, and seek for different finishes to offer variation while maintaining a unified aesthetic. Take a look at this Crosshatch Table. This table is made of copper and bronze, and it develops a lovely patina as it ages. This industrial accent table looks fantastic from any angle thanks to the hammered design on top and the crosshatch bars beneath.


A stylish chair with leather cushions and a wood frame is set next to a matching ottoman in an industrial style decor room.

A stylish chair with leather cushions and a wood frame is set next to a matching ottoman in an industrial style decor room.

Leather Furniture may lend a timeless, homey, and even luxury twist to your decor. From delicious caramel to vivid maroon, leather items come in a variety of warm colors that give beauty and richness to any environment. Also, the beauty of leather is that it complements all fashions. Vintage, modern, elegant, glam, and classic can be all options for your house. Leather furniture will still fit in there. From ottomans to accent chairs to bed frames, it is one of the great interior design classics. You'll be hard pressed to find a designer home that doesn't have at least a smidgeon of leather thrown in here and there.

Leather is not only a classic item, but it is also simple to care for. Unlike other textiles, dirt may be removed from leather furniture with a wet cloth. Leather also maintains its shape over time. The Hadley Chair with Ottoman is an excellent example. After a hard day, this contemporary chair and ottoman are ready to welcome you home. Cushioning is available anywhere you want it, including the headrest and armrests. When you set your feet up on the ottoman, it tilts to the right position, and it's game over. The smooth leather seat contrasts well with the walnut-colored wood exterior, giving your living area an enhanced vintage appeal.


A stylish chair with leather cushions and a wood frame is set next to a matching ottoman in an industrial style decor room.

Consider animal prints to be Mother Nature's neutrals. These patterns can blend perfectly into your environment, much like a large cat's markings help it mix in the wild. Hides from alpaca, buffalo, calf, goat, and axis deer are also popular. The different tones of animal skins may be used to give impact and pizazz to any area in your home.

Animal skin rugs may be used for a variety of purposes other than floor coverings. Drape one over a plain-colored sofa for a quick boost, or hang one from the wall to create a dramatic focal point. You could even reupholster a stool using scissors and a staple gun, or use a tiny hide as a table centerpiece over table linen. The Vaquer Trunk or Aumbry Trunk (cover image) is a stylish way to combine a hide material and an accent piece into your home.


Throughout history, pottery has served as both an aesthetic and functional medium. It's been passed down through generations, gathered by connoisseurs, and purchased and sold for exorbitant prices. Pottery and ceramics have been an essential component of human civilization for thousands of years. From prehistoric storage jars to space shuttle tiles, pottery and ceramics have played an important part in many human endeavors.

Adding an intriguing piece of pottery in an unexpected spot is a fantastic way to add a little color and interest to plain decor. Try placing your houseplants in attractively glazed pots instead of plain terra clay. Choose containers that complement rather than conflict with the beauty of the plant. They should also be sufficiently wide and deep to allow the plant to develop correctly. Speckled or ombre glazes in subtle jewel tones are elegant enough to complement but not dominate a vignette.

Choose Materials That Suits You and Can Withstand the Test of Time

Long-term sustainable materials are in, whereas quick interior products are out. Looking for quality, one-of-a-kind items with a longer shelf life may not be everyone's first idea when deciding to redo a space. However, it is a winning strategy for investing in your space and the development of long-lasting styles.

Consider this idea while deciding between solid hardwood furniture and composite wood materials, solid granite or marble worktops vs laminate, a few antiques versus less expensive knock-offs, or even energy-efficient window coverings. Make the proper decision by investing in aesthetically versatile interior components rather than trendy objects that will soon be out of fashion. Most importantly, remember to have fun with your home’s design.


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