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    Aniline Dining Table


    It's all about yōu

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    Stylish living favors the bold. 

    Make a bold statement at home with the Anlinie Dining Table. It’s contemporary feel gives any room the moxie it needs to go from lackluster to completely inspired in a snap. Take a chance on a daring dining table that can transform not only your space but also your outlook on stand out pieces moving forward. 

    Geometric combinations.
    What better way to bring about a dining room wow factor than with the beautifully constructed geometric combinations seen in the Aniline Dining Table. The contrasting circular table top and sturdy square legs create a beautifully chaotic order to this architectural work of art.  


    Warm sandy hues.
    There's nothing like warm, sandy neutrals to put the mind at ease. What better place to find them than in this tasteful dining table. Pull a chair up to beautifully nude woodgrain that parallels the softest beach sands on a warm summer day.

    Consciously made.
    Anchor your dining nook with a table that is as consciously made as it was mindfully purchased.  Entirely made of teak wood and metal, this table was built to last. 



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