Home Decor Trends to Jump on Right Now

A living room interior design set with a bright yellow modern couch and glass coffee table.

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to refresh your living space. Here are some of the top trends and classic staples to keep in mind if you're planning a furniture update or a whole new look: 

  • 1. Curved furniture

  • What’s old is new. Curved lines in design have faded in popularity over the decades, only to come back stronger than ever. Do you remember the arched doorways of the early part of the 20th century? Would you believe that a growing number of people are adding DIY arches in their homes today? We’re seeing the return of soft edges and curved shapes in architecture, design, and decor. Just like Art Deco of the 1920s and the groovy styles of the 1970s, we expect the 2020s to be defined by soft, inviting curves.

    Curves are fun and playful. They create a soft, cozy, and inviting feeling, making an ideal style element for furniture. One thing we learned from the pandemic is the importance of feeling comfortable and at ease in our homes. Our Newest Designer Milloze, offers several curved furniture options. These designs are unique and they make a statement. They also feel super plush and cozy. Here are a few of our favorites:
    Beige boucle moon-shaped modern sofa and matching modern armchair.
    The Eclipse sofa with matching armchair

    Side profile of grey boucle curved furniture modern sofa.
    The Adara sofa and Fredchairs

  • 2. Textured fabrics

  • Minimalism will never die. But… it does seem to be somewhat less popular these days. Designers and amateur decorators alike are starting to explore more depth and complexity when it comes to decor. We see this in broad color palettes, layered texture, and the trend toward maximalist styling. A great way to begin adding depth is to add texture. We wrote a detailed blog about texture in Designer Miona Here, but for our current purposes we’ll stick to discussing Fabric Texture.

    As contemporary furniture styles are becoming more distinct in shape and color, we see texture evolving as well. Velvet couches, thought to be long lost in the 1970s, have re-emerged more beautiful than ever. Our favorite fabric trend that we see making rounds again is bouclé. This soft, bumpy, highly-textured material was popular in the 1940s and is now coming back into fashion in a huge way.
    Close up of white boucle modular seating design for a modern sofa and wooden side table.
    The modular Pebbles sofa features a beautiful, bumpy, bouclé fabric

    Close up of black velvet modern couch.
    The luxurious black velvet BamBam sofa

  • 3. Bold designs that express personality and individualism

  • One of the best things to come out of our collective increase in time spent at home is a new level of self reflection. The interior design world has noted that when we are left with more time to think about the appearance of our homes, we actually do care more about how it looks than we may have previously thought. Busy lives that hardly leave a moment to rest and reflect allowed for easy, cookie cutter decor. Whatever is fast, available, and pretty good looking became the default style of many homes.

    But, when we have time to think about our home, when we spend time in it and really take the space in, most people realize they want that space to feel personal. When able to do so, we want to see ourselves in our home – in the decor, in the furnishings, in the style of the household objects we choose.

    Call it quirky, or call it curated, Home Decor and home improvement is trending toward unique and personal touches, and we love to see it. Design should be about people 100% of the time. People are adding their unique taste in a variety of ways. Unique furniture is becoming very popular. People don’t want their home to look like everyone else’s. Other great additions are art collected from travel and life experiences, favorite objects on display, and out-of-the-box lighting effects.
    Black interior design piece showing person blowing a piece of gold bubble gum.
    Bubble Gum decor piece.

    Interior design decor piece of black standing rabbit holding gold tray.
    Mo the Rabbit

  • 4. More color, more patterns

  • That brings us to the bold choices we are seeing in home decor. Both pro and amateur designers are embracing colors and patterns in ways we haven’t seen in decades, and we love it. Gem tone walls, vibrant accent walls, doors that are colorful or black, accessories in a variety of hues, and patterns are all slowly replacing the whites and neutrals we’ve previously embraced.

    People want homes that they can live and feel like themselves in. For many, they accomplish that by embracing their favorite colors and patterns.
    A living room interior design set with a bright yellow modern couch and glass coffee table.
    The ultra-smooth Bambam in yellow.

    A living room with chubby furniture, a white boucle modern couch, and round modern chair to match.
    The Lulu sofa and Barney chair.

  • 5. Improved outdoor spaces

  • The pandemic has changed more than one might expect about the way interior design and home decor has evolved. Another major change is the increased interest and attention to outdoor spaces. We’ve found new ways to entertain ourselves and socialize outside over the past couple of years, and we don’t see anyone in a rush to go back inside. Family time, social gatherings, meals, even work from home tasks are enriched with sunshine, fresh air, and the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

    This means that many of us are looking for ways to make our outdoor space more comfortable and more stylish… *enter outdoor furniture.* Quality matters more than ever when your new furniture will have to face the elements. That’s why it’s so important to consider the construction of any new pieces and how they will hold up over time.

    With that said, take a look at one of our latest launches, Zomanity. Our designers have engineered a new line of outdoor furniture that will surpass any of your previous expectations of quality and design when it comes to outdoor furniture.

    Grey outdoor furniture modular seating set with big comfortable cushions and a low coffee table.
    Abeo Modular Outdoor Seating

    Close up of white outdoor modern sofa modular seating and low coffee table with matching candle holder.
    Oni Modular Outdoor Seating

    There are so many trends surfacing this summer and Valyōu has something for everyone and every lifestyle. Whether you’re on the coast searching for handcrafted, beach-inspired home furniture or more inland with a love for Industrial Vintage with a Modern Flair, Valyōu has everything you need to make your design dreams come true.

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    Modern living room set with white boucle l shape sectional sofa modular seating.
    Living room setting with U-shape white sectional sofa and small wooden side table.

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