Valyōu Furniture Welcomes Foundry

Valyōu Furniture Welcomes Foundry

One of the core beliefs of Valyōu is that beautiful furniture should be accessible. When we first began, this principle brought us to open showrooms in Hawaii. Furniture shopping can be a challenge in this market due to extended shipping times and underwhelming showrooms. Having successfully brought a superior shopping experience to the islands, we started to look at other areas of the furniture industry that still present barriers.

Co-owner, Shaul Rappaport, had been reflecting on his own furniture buying experiences. When furnishing his first apartment, he recalled the difficulty he had in finding modern furniture and vintage decor that would fit his industrial apartment with exposed ceiling, concrete floors. His journey took him to find artists, individual sellers, and even building several pieces himself. With such a popular style of architecture and many commercial spaces using this type of decor, it seemed there should be an easier way for everyday people to access modern vintage industrial furniture.

0Industrial livingroom with furniture in the style of vintage orb and egg chairs, barcelona chair, chesterfield sofa, cow hide pouf, with modern boho rugs and vintage decor on the walls.

Enter Foundry

Foundry describes their work as luxury industrial furniture with vintage inspiration for the modern home. And that’s precisely what it is. Supple leathers, reclaimed wood, iron, steel, and aluminum fuse into one unique look that is boldly new and somehow reminiscent of a previous time. Imagine walking through an industrial-era factory wearing a smoking jacket with an 18-year-old scotch in hand. That feeling of raw, unrestrained mechanical power smoothed over with refined taste and delicate details is the essence of Foundry. It’s working at a striking industrial desk while sitting at a dignified vintage leather chair.

Industrial furniture and vintage decor in modern space. A chesterfield sofa is centered with an industrial bookcase in the background and a cowhide rug in front. Accents include a cowhide trunk, industrial cabinet with riveted metal, and industrial lamp.

Foundry is composed of sophisticated classics like The Duarte Sofa above, a new take on a classic vintage sofa, the Chesterfield. Tasteful designs that speak to high levels of refinement and taste make up the majority of the offerings from Foundry. But then, peppered in, we see bold, striking, industrial pieces that demand attention and will be talked about long after the cocktail party has ended. The Aumbry Coffee Table below is designed to mirror the texture and feel of vintage aircraft. The riveted metal facade is an unexpected detail that makes the coffee table the instant focal point of any room. While a room could easily be designed entirely in either of these two veins, we think the best looks come from a meticulous combination of the two.

An industrial coffee table with drawers is centered in an industrial room with retro decor. There is a vintage chair and chesterfield sofa in brown leather and an industrial bookcase.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Foundry brand is the ability to mix so many colors, patterns, and textures while still presenting a harmonious look. The image below shows the Akerman Sofa in a light camel color and the Elms Chair in a deep brown. The Baluster Bookcase in the back helps to tie these colors together. In a similar color palette, we see rich texture in the Flar Rug and Vaquer Chest. The standout pieces that fit in so well are the riveted Aphix Cabinet and the Adonis Bust. Each of these items alone could represent a variety of decor styles and themes, but together they make a complete look. This is why Foundry designs are so desired: they fit into any look you may already have. Meaning if you aren’t currently in the market for an entire room makeover but are looking for a refresh, Foundry is the way to go. Suppose you are desiring a totally new look. In that case, Foundry gives you so many options to choose from without worrying about which items will work together.

Industrial furniture and vintage decor. Brown leather couch and chair. Cowhide trunk and rug, metal industrial caninet, bookshelf, industrial lamps.

You can see the entire Collection on our website Here. Soon, we will be offering a free design consultation tailored to you and your space. Watch the website for updates.

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